Second Post: Module Five – Social Media in the Legal Industry

Discuss the current state of social media within your industry. What tools does your industry use or should use to improve their standings in the social media environment?

As we all know, social media is booming! It is everywhere and now it is very rare to find someone who doesn’t use any form of social media at all. The industry that I currently work in is Legal Marketing, which is working in the Marketing Department at a law firm. The law firm I work for focuses on Intellectual Property work (i.e. patents, trademark, etc.) I have heard that law firms that only focus on one main type of work often fail, but it seems like we are doing great!

Our law firm implements many different social media tools to stay in the game and make our accomplishments known. The marketing department has created a Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn company account. We also have a PR specialist who is actively contributing to our America Invents Act (AIA) Blog and always writing press releases. Our attorneys all have LinkedIn accounts, which the marketing department also creates for them. We try to post at least once a day on each of the social media platforms about events we may be hosting and where our attorneys will be giving presentations or webinars. Our company also is very active in creating mobile phone apps and have released a new patent app available on iPhones and Andriods. To keep track of our international clients in Israel and China, our offices use CRM tool Salesforce along with our main CRM database LexisNexis InterAction, so that we can strongly manage our client relationships. Since the most important aspect of social media is about the relationships people have with each other, those tools are a must in any industry and especially in the legal sectors.

Image   Image               Image      salesforce

Our firm has about 150 fans on Facebook, over 2000 followers on LinkedIn, and about 1600 followers on Twitter. For a law firm, it makes sense that we have more followers on LinkedIn than any other social media outlet. Although I do believe that our firm is ahead of many of the other competitor law firms, the legal industry needs to get involved in social media all together. What is also great about department is that we are always looking for new tools and are always open in trying something new. Taking this social media class, I plan on bringing my ideas to one of our next staff meetings!

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3 thoughts on “Second Post: Module Five – Social Media in the Legal Industry

  1. This is a great example of how to make social media work for a business. I think having LinkedIn accounts for the attorneys as well as posting events is a great way to share what the company is doing but also the experts that are there to provide a service. I think more businesses are turning to LinkedIn for promoting their specialists as well as themselves personally to make networking connections that can lead to opportunities down the road.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I had never considered uses of social media with a law firm, but you’ve really opened my eyes on how effective this communication medium can be for your industry. It is not a surprise at all that LinkedIn is “number 1” for you. I would see this being very strong considering your industry. Thank you for the new information!

  3. I really like the idea of a law firm using social media outlets to keep people up to date and to show what experts you have working in your firm. I never thought of how a law firm would use social media to its advantage, but this article has definitely changed my mind. By making it a point to make every lawyer personable and to let people know where they will be it humanizes someone before they even meet them. This strategy I would think gives your firm a competitive advantage, because people who are interested in law or are looking for a lawyer can get a good sense as to the background and current state of the firm and its employees at the click of a button.

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