2 thoughts on “First post: Module Four – Social Media Tools

  1. Shuxian,

    This was a really informative post from a marketing research perspective. I have never heard of either Account Researcher or Addvocate. I like that each of the tools provides different direct benefits to the user such as saving time, and creating efficiency in results driven by employees. Given that both of these tools are so helpful, why do you think that your company has yet to jump to use them? I thought it was great that you included a video to further illustrate the way e-grabber’s Account Researcher works.

  2. I do agree I believe that an “Advocate” is the best and most cost effective solution for social media connections. But I must say that it is also the hardest to obtain since it is a person in an outside company that must now actively promote for your company. Marketing to Government and Educational Institutions have a lot of restrictions on what we can and can’t view on company intranet. An internal advocate can get around this red tape.

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